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The Last Shame

January 30, 2008

How can we comment on the final verdict which has absolved Silvio Berlusconi of false accounting charges in the SME trial? Simply as another Italian shame.

As a matter of fact, Berlusconi was absolved thanks to the fact that false account is not considered as a crime anymore according to a bill approved in 2001 by a government headed by the same Berlusconi that the Economist described as “the fruits of office” and a “a bill that would shame even the voters of a banana republic”. This is a very concrete example of the real reason for Berlusconi “entering the field” and of what conflict of interest is and how it works.

I spent some time yesterday reading and watching videos about the P2 Masonic Lodge. This was a secret association with aims of subverting the existing system which seems to have had a consistent influence on many events in Italian modern history, sometimes defined as a “state within the state”. The lodge came to light in 1981 when some investigators found out a secret list of more than 950 members, including politician, generals, journalists, bankers, businessmen and secret services functionaries, and a document called “Plan for Democratic Rebirth” whose goals were, among other things, to submit the Judicial Power to the Executive Power, to consolidate an alternative media power, to rewrite the Italian Constitution and to divide Trade Unions.

And guess what: Mr Silvio Berlusconi was in that list! And today, many authoritative opinion leaders assert that most of that Plan has been implemented right through the political action of Silvio Berlusconi.

In 1982 a law prohibited the existence of PD and other secret associations having political aims. But the shadow of P2 still comes back sometimes.