Crazy Drivers

January 12, 2008

One of the things I remember most vividly about my staying in the USA is the reputation of Italians as “crazy drivers”.

A well deserved reputation, of course, both for the Italian drivers’tendency to constantly break the Highway Code rules and for the definetely excessive speed we practise on our roads.

As an example, I remember my American friends yelling at me because I very nonchalantly seldom stopped at crossroads or because I ued to have the tendency to go over the frustrating 55 mph limit normally enforced on many highways. Beside all, the lack of discipline means thousands of dead and injured persons and that’s too high a price. In 2006, in Italy over 16 dead and 912 injured a day which means up to 5.700 cancelled lives in a year.

Recently, the Italian Minister of Transport Alessandro Bianchi made a revolutionary proposal: to install on cars a speed limit device also through law enforcement. As a matter of fact, it seems to have been demonstrated that in countries where the so called “Tutor” is in use the mortality rate has lowest up to 50%.

The question now is: will the Minister succeed in overtaking the obstacles he will sure find on this road?


All we need is… a dump!

January 10, 2008

…tons of rubbish in the streets are not what we would call a “bella figura”; Italy and Italians are not properly appearing as “civilized” in front of the world looking at us…

the problem here is that problems are always hard to solve…

Trash emergiences are at least 14 years old, but no solution has ever been practised; probably the reasons is well explained by that popular saying that roughly goes like this: everybody is competent enough (to find a solution) but nobody is responsible (for actually carrying it out).

It’s like if Italians have an idea of themselves as funny, lifeloving, creative persons and are pleased with that and that’s it! without never seriously wondering on future.

As a famous Italian song says: “basta ca’ce’sta o’mare…” (all we need is sea and sun)

I remember once I read someone writing Italy is the place in a hyper-regulated Europe where people still debate with perfect intelligence what, really, the red in a stoplight might mean.

Probably, Italians should get rid – together with the trash – of their lack of civic sense that too often turns this wonderful land and its beautiful people looking like the land of non sense.


Ciao a tutti!

January 9, 2008

Starting a Blog in English:

– to give myself the opportunity to be in touch with the world

– to give my web-friends the possibility to read about me and my stuff

– to blog about the things I like and see what you think about it

– to let you give a look on a southern Italian girl’s life in a southern Italian little town

– to tell you about my beautiful country and all the things I love about it: food, sea, mountains, people, art, culture, madness

Stay tuned, then. Work’s in progress 🙂