Talkin’ about Mafia

February 8, 2008

“my dad, my family, my country! I don’t give a fuck! I wanna write: Mafia is a pile of Shit! I wanna shout that my father is an asslicker! We must rebel against this shit! Before it’s too late, before we get used to their faces, before we won’t realize any more!” (Peppino Impastato)

Sicilian blood runs in my veins…

My dad was born and grown up in Paternò, a small Sicilian town, as the first son of a eight children family… he then moved to Potenza when he met my mom…

They say a lot of things about Sicilian people: most of these are true… Sicilians are passionate and generous, a population and a Country affected by a cultural and social disease called Mafia, deeply rooted in their own history…

In fact Mafia does not come from nothing: it’s a Sicily creature, and it comes out of its history made of subalternity, separateness, subjection… and Mafia is, most of all, a way of thinking, a cultural and mental attitude…

I usually don’t love movies on Mafia, but I really did love I Cento Passi (100 Steps), an extraordinary movie which gives the spectator a truth: the Mafia not as an external power which dominates and oppresses Sicily but as a monstrous creature de-generated from the very deep part of Sicily; Mafia as a private dimension, a tradition, a mental way… and for this, among all the Anti Mafia heroes, I have loved most of all Peppino Impastato for his being remained anonymous for years until the movie came out, for his having been “only” a Mafia victim, not celebrated, but later become a real symbol for many…



  1. Not surprisingly, my only knowledge about the Mafia is through Puzo’s books and the legendary movie: Godfather

    As such, I am a complete stranger to the advocacies of Italy; not in the least Sicily.
    Still, I’d like to watch this movie..

  2. you should watch it… it’s really a good one

  3. I looked for the film on amazon today, but, unfortunately, they don’t have it. It doesn’t appear at all – it seems to me that it’s not made for distribution outside of Italy. Too bad. I’d like to see this too.

    The book Excellent Cadavers by Alexander Stille is a great primer on the mob, it’s development and current state.

  4. Mafia is private ordering from Phoenecians – Lebanese Arabs – that settled all the Mediterranean islands long ago. Carthage and original Spain, too.

  5. I love italian names. ^^

  6. Incantevole il tuo blog:*

    Un bacio.

  7. Just thought this was very interesting so I decided to try to find “I Cento Passi” and I happened to find it on mininova.org. I noticed above someone was saying they couldn’t find it on amazon to purchase. I have listed the link so you can just download it and watch it for free.


    You will need bittorrent software. Like a program called “Transmission” for Mac is what I use.

  8. Cara Anna,
    buon week end:*

  9. I like what you say about Mafia not being, essentially, a physical manifestation but rather a way of thinking, a psychological mannerism. I haven’t heard it put that way before.

  10. I don’t know much about the mafia other than what I’ve seen in american movies. It would be interesting to see it from a actual italian point of view.

  11. I am going to love your blog! I found you on twitter. I lived in Sicily when I was little.

  12. The style of writing is very familiar to me. Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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