A disease called corruption

February 6, 2008

Among the most important newspaper titles today is the statement made by the Italian National Auditing Authority (Corte dei Conti) which talks about Italy as a Country in which the public system is deeply affected by corruption.

As a matter of fact, this is a situation which every Italian citizen knows very well.

In Italy corruption takes several forms: bribing is just one kind.

As an example, every Italian knows well how hard is to win a public competition without having what is here called “raccomandazione” that means a politician acting to advantage you. This is probably the most widespread form of corruption in Italian society today: political parties have hands practically everywhere. A real occupation of society: there are few spaces and contexts in Italy in which politicians still don’t “have the last word”, this meaning for a common citizen to ask for their rights as if they were privileges.



  1. Italian’s need Freedom ❤
    personaly i hate corruption in any ways =/

  2. It’s the same case in India too. It’s widespread, everyone knows about it, but live with it. It’s really a pitiful state when it comes to corruption in India. That’s the reason why the country isn’t rising above the ‘still developing’ level.

  3. In Italy there is the CRONY CAPITALISM ( “capitalismo dei compari”).Don’t forget that in Basilicata we live still in a cultural ” Backward Society” and we believe in many kinds of “Saints”.

  4. It was a pitiful and deceptive stage show for the press and everyone but the press knew it was a disgraceful sham.

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