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Learnin’ the Berlusconism

January 14, 2008

One of the most widely discussed issues in Italy in these days is the Electoral Reform, considered by all political parties as a real urgency in order to make the Country more governable. The most authoritative interlocutors are still Walter Veltroni, leader of the Democratic Party, which is the first centre-left political party in Italy, and Silvio Berlusconi, former Prime Minister, heading the biggest centre-right party.

Yesterday Berlusconi declared: “I will not sign reform agreement if the Gentiloni Draft on TV becomes a Law”, talking about the draft law approved by the Italian cabinet in October 2007, aimed at increasing competition in a television market dominated by Mediaset, the broadcaster owned by Berlusconi, and the state-owned RAI channels. In a few words, that would also mean: finally regulating the conflict of interest in Italy.

The question is if in a democracy, such as ours should be, the owner of 3 out of 6 of the most important TV channels, together with many important magazines and newspapers, can become a Prime Minister, as well.

Berlusconi says: “It would be an act of banditry, and this country would no longer be a democracy if politicians came to power with the intention of punishing their adversary through his companies and private property”. This is the Berlusconism: a general interest which becomes private and vice versa, a political leader to whom everything should be allowed because of his being the Man who only can save the Fatherland.